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  • Furfuryl alcohol

    Furfuryl Alcohol is a irritant, steam has irritation for eyes, the liquid can cause eye inflammation and corneal opacity. Skin contact with its liquid, causing dry skin and irritation; heavy concentrations of continuous inhalation cause cough, shortn

  • Tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol

    Has micro smell and has hygroscopicity, can miscible with water, alcohol, acetone, chloroform and benzene, immiscible with paraffin hydrocarbon.

  • 2-Methylfuran

    Its vapor and air can form explosive mixtures, which can be easily ignited by open fire and high heat.Contact with oxidant to react violently.Exposure to air or under light conditions can produce peroxides with potentially explosive potential.Its vap

  • 2-Methyl tetrahydrofuran

    Highly flammable and may produce explosive peroxides that irritate the eyes and respiratory system. Keep away from fire. After contact with eyes, rinse imtely with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Take measures to prevent static electr

  • Acetyl propanol

    Acetyl propanolis mainly used for pharmaceutical intertes, such as 5-chloro-2-pentanone or Chloroquine Phosphate treatment of malaria, also makeing for Vitamin B1.

  • Furfural

    It can be used lubricating oil refining, furfuryl alcohol production by hydrogenation, making several organic chemical products, such as medicine pesticide. It is utilized as a solvent in petroleum industry.

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