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Keep promise

"Keep promise"shows the rarity of credibility and integrity. When the corporation was named, the founder shows his wish to develop the corporation based on credibility and integrity. One person can’t be successful without honesty, one corporation can’t be strong without credibility. Credibility and integrity are morality for one peraon and superior resource for the society. To keep one’s promise courage is needed.It seems easy to keep and act one’s promise, but actually not. Because unexpected difficulty and pressure will jump when one acts his promise. So, the one who keeps and acts his promise should get more respect.

Dare to play

Dare to play is the attitude of responsibility, Dare to play embodies the courage and vision of overcoming difficulties, reaching goal, the will and faith of superego and selfless dedication. We all should dare to play, the value of one person lies in bear, the value of bridge lies in carry. Life in bear growth in dare to bear.


People-oriented goes according to the law of man's development. Yino takes people-oriented to be our core enterprise culture and basic requirement for management. It’s been proved that human is the core power for enterprise development. The foundation for one enterprise to develop is man's all-round development. Every nice wish couldn’t come true without human thoughts, imagination and creativity. People-Oriented is not only the core culture for our enterprise, but also our responsibility to the society: job placement, environment protecting, etc.

Innovative development

Innovation, the unvarying rule for enterprise to exist and development. In such a rapid developing time, the speed of innovation is more rapid. Innovation becomes the obbligato ability for enterprise, but not the enterprise awareness anymore. Enterprise must innovate as fast as possible, so that the enterprise could keep developing all the time. Every aspect are necessary to innovate: communication, cooperation, exploration, procedure, management, operating model, Profit model, etc. The enterprise can catch up with the pace of innovation of this era, only through improve its innovation ability from inside to outside, from operation to marketing, from technology and production.

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